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Frequently Asked Questions
How can we be assured of the quality and workmanship in our log cabin?
In the past, log homes were built by traditional building contractors or through the use of a log ‘kit’. These out-dated building methods continue to plague the industry today with the same frequent log home on-site construction problems. Modular Log Homes has revolutionized the log home industry by building 90% of a log home in a controlled environment utilizing trained craftsman, quality-control systems and QC superintendents. With trained builders and an exhaustive inspection process, Modular has virtually eliminated all the quality problems associated with out-dated ‘kit’ assembly or on-site construction.
Why do builders like Modular Log Homes so much?
They have very little to do to finish the home; most of the construction is done by others under strict quality control and Modular stands behind what we produce. The builder’s time on the job is shorter and his customer satisfaction is through the roof.

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